Hong Kong Based
Digital Designer

I design and build styles for the digital world.

It is my nature to dig into customers’ problems and solve them with modern technology.

With over 6 years UIUX experience in both digital agency and the in-house IT industry, I am a creative, insightful, and highly-motivated designer with a demonstrated ability to satisfy clients’ needs. My personal and professional experiences have taught me:

- to recommend the optimal approach for the best customer experience

- to maximize the quality of the deliverables throughout the entire project lifecycle – from design to frontend development

By leveraging my past experience of frontend development, I have built strong know-how to solve technical IT problems and collaborate with multiple teams.


What I do


Creative plan

Digital Marketing

Web Design

UI/ UX Design

EDM Design

HTML, CSS & JQuery

WordPress CMS

Video Pre-Production, Production & Post-production





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