Hong Kong Based
Digital Designer

I design and build styles.


I was graduated with a Bachelor degree in Creative Media from the City University of Hong Kong in Year 2011. Inspired with my strong passion and technical capabilities acquired academically, I become, therefore, a digital designer.

I love digital media design, software developing, implementation of the front-end within the web, and design of the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). My goal ultimately is to build successful applications that everyone enjoy to use.

I believe that good design exists in everywhere: a game, a poster, a web or an interface. And the goal of design is only to reduce the redundancy and the illogical thoughts and, thereby to build a better lives.

Along with design and system implementation, I’m interested in photography, art, movie, literature and sport.

I spend my spare time on traveling and working on my personal portrait series.

I live in Hong Kong. I currently work as a Digital Designer.


What I do


Creative plan

Digital Marketing

Web Design

UI/ UX Design

EDM Design

HTML, CSS & JQuery

WordPress CMS

Video Pre-Production, Production & Post-production





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