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Redesigning stack plan tool

An attractive, powerful, easy to use organization area stack planning tool supporting an intuitive touch and mouse user interface. It is a web-based application supporting the widest range of client PCs, devices, operating systems and browsers. Furthermore,it can be used online or offline.

Building floor areas and organizational units can be imported or input directly into the tool. Floors and organizational units names, sizes, colours etc., can be edited in the tool and units rearranged by simple intuitive dragging and dropping actions. Various user convenience tools allow quick and easy editing, splitting and merging of units. Remaining area and seats allocations are calculated automatically or through manual editing.

The resulting stack arrangement can be saved and shared, printing on normal or large format printers is possible.

What I did
UI, UX, Wireframe


The key objectives I need to progress and get resolved are:

  1. Usability – the software must be able to have the data input directly into the program. At the moment, the excel spreadsheet approach is fine but clunky and preventing some of the staff from using the tool
  2. Attractiveness – the company is in design industry so attractiveness is important. The software works, but they need to work on having a more attractive interface.
  3. Effective communication  –  since the company  did not able to gather business and technical requirements to the IT vendor, I served as a role of business analyst to explore those requirements, in conjunction with the user and deliver the requirements to the IT vendor.



I need to provide new user flow and new look-&-feel guides to the IT vendor.

My solutions involved:

  • design comprehensive user flow for “create/edit project”
  • redesign new styles
Download the UX document here




Login page


Loading animation


Project list page


Canvas page (Floor plan)